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Sao Vicente brazil


With its interesting history, colorful culture and beautiful sceneries beaches, the small island of Sao Vicente Brazil can easily serve as the setting for a wonderful holiday. If you are planning to travel to the island, here are some essential information helpful tips that can help make your vacation a pleasurable and unforgettable one.


Location: Sao Vicente is in the Cape Verdean Creole and is one of the Barlavento or Windward islands.

The Canal de Sao Vicente separates the island from another island, Santo Antao.


History: The island was discovered on January 22, 1462, Saint Vincent's Day, which is where it got its name. For many years, it remained uninhabited up until a coal deposit was set up. Since then, more and more ships passed Porto Grande, the port of Sao Vicente, to refuel. It also encouraged more immigrants to settle on the island.


Language: The primary language is Portuguese. Along with Portuguese, majority of the population speaks Cape Verdean Creole. However, most of the hotels and service establishments on the island have staff who know how to speak English.


Geography: The island has a total surface area of 227 square kilometers, 24 kilometers across and 16 kilometers from north to south. Although the island has volcanic origins, the island is quite flat. There are mountains in the southern and western regions and most of the remaining regions have flat terrains. Some of the mountains on the island would be Monte Verde (which is also the highest point), Topona and Monte Cara.


Climate: The climate of Sao Vicente Brazil is tropical and dry with an average yearly temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. The two seasons would be the dry and windy season (November to July) and the "rainy season" (August to October).


Accommodations: There are plenty of hotels and resorts on the island. Depending on your itinerary, you might want to choose a hotel which is located right near Mindelo or near some of the beaches of the island. Some of the hotels that you could choose from include


Dining: Because of the lack of rain during most of the year, locals depend more on the sea for their food. This is why many restaurants on the island serve fresh fish and seafood dishes. Some of the restaurants that you might want to try during your stay would include the restaurant in Hotel Porto Grande and the Tradisson e Morabeza in Mindelo.


Transportation: Sao Vicente has three main roads: Mindelo to Sao Pedro, Mindelo to Calhau and Mindelo to Baia das Gatas. Most of the people travel by foot as only a small percent of the locals have cars.